In questi giorni è uscita la nuova versione del firmware in oggetto, che tra qualche giorno provvederò ad inserire nel mio apparato portatile.
In questa versione, oltre all’aggiornamento del firmware della radio e del relativo CPS, sono previsti l’aggiornamento delle icone e di qualche sfondo in più per il display.

Quali sono le modifiche apportate? Quali bug sono stati risolti? Che novità ci sono, rispetto alla versione precedente?
Eccovi la lista delle migliorie apportate (change list), con CPS versione V1.20P, SCT 3258 versione V2.01.07 BA (la stessa, non richiede aggiornamento) e versione BT 10033.


1. Improve the issue that radio will grab a TG when the repeater is in Call Hold Off time.
2. Improve the issue that “GPS information doesn’t display with using a programmed “GPS info” key when only analog channels are in use”.
3. Resolve the issue that “The channels program as “Simplex” and “Dual Slot”, save the codeplug or program into radio, the setting will become “Repeater” after re-open the saved codeplug or read from radio.”
4. Improve the issue that “By receiving Dmr in Simplex and Double Slot mode, several times the demodulated audio of first word is missing”.
5. CPS->Channel -> Analog, R5toneBot, R5tone Eot, allows to set different 5Tone PTT ID for each channel.
6. Resolve the issue that “By composing a 5 tone using Manual Dial (Book, Manual Dial, typing Input ID and pressing PTT, the “stop code” defined in 5 tone setting is not considered as silence (stop code and stop time) but as a tone”.
7. When 5Tone -> Beep Tone & Respond are enabled, the radio will respond with itself ID.
8. CPS->Key function, add APRS send to the key function. The radio will transmit the APRS information (longitude, latitude,etc..) to the receiver when user press the “APRS send” key.
9. Improve the issue that digital monitor displays wrong time slot.
10. Improve the issue that “Keeping the sub band enabled, reception on the Main band is often lost or is very delayed”.
11. Improve the issue that “After decoding a 5-tone call in repeater mode, the 5-tone response is sent only after the repeater has dropped out”.
12. Improve the issue that “By configuring the 5 tones selective call for different call types, starting from when the RF carrier is on pushing PTT, the timing of the beginning of 5 tones sequence does not correspond to the summation of pauses configured in 5 tone setting windows in the CPS. Unexpected delay is also present using DTMF and 2 tone”
13. CPS->Channel ->TDMA adaptive rename to Slot suit.
14. CPS-> Hot key, add the “Channel Set” hot-key choice that is on the 578, to the 878
15. CPS->Digital -> Talk Groups, allows the entry of talk group numbers maximum 16777215

Il pacchetto contenente i vari files di aggiornamento, può essere scaricato da questo link.


UPDATE: Successivamente, è uscita la versione stabile 1.21, che trovate a questo link.

Eccovi la lista delle migliorie apportate (change list), con il FW e CPS versione V1.21.

  1. Improve the firmware issue that manual dial TG TX in simplex channel doesn’t show busy when the radio is
    Simplex Channel for a Hotspot TX Permit = Channel free or Different CC
    Manual dial a TG
    When you PTT when the radio is RXing someone the Radio does not show Bussy
    It just lets you TX into the Hotspot
    It should see that it is in use and show Bussy
  2. Improve the CPS issue that channel setting TX permit set to Same Color Code, reopen the channel setting
    will show Always.
    3. Improve the CPS issue that “the channel edit menu cannot be moved to show the OK button.”

Firmware version: V1.21
CPS version: V1.21
SCT 3258 version: V2.01.07 BA (come il precedente, non richiede aggiornamento)
BT Version: 10033

Buon aggiornamento e buone prove, a presto risentirci in DMR.

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